Aircraft Towing Systems

Oklahoma State University’s New Product Development Center’s Collaboration with Aircraft Towing Systems leads to pro-type test launch in Spring

Kevan is now managing ATS FB Page, and soon to manage Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Aircraft Towing Systems is feeling excited with Vince Howie at Ardmore Airpark.

The installation of Aircraft Towing Systems’ revolutionary prototype is well underway at the Ardmore Airpark in Ardmore, Oklahoma. Here, (L-R) ATS President Stan Malicki and Vice President/CEO Vince Howie examine the progress.

January 10 at 3:07 PM · Ardmore ·

Aircraft Towing Systems is at Ardmore Airpark.

December 22, 2019 at 8:08 AM · Ardmore · 

Aircraft Towing Systems Digs in to Install Proto-type at Ardmore Airpark

Aircraft Towing Systems World Wide LLC, kicked up some dirt with a backhoe delivered Thursday to the Ardmore Airpark.

The machine-made room for the installation of an innovative system designed to transport aircraft from the runway via the taxiway to the airport gates and back to the runway — all without using the aircraft’s main engine.

ATS is an U.S. company formed in Oklahoma in June 2016. It has both foreign and U.S. ownership. It’s leasing ramp space at the airport and will soon install a full-scale working prototype to test the research and design work performed on contract by Oklahoma State University’s New Product Development Center.

Once realized, the potential positive impact of using ATS could one day improve aviation safety, save fuel and time between takeoffs, as well as reduce harmful emissions and noise at airports worldwide.

An electric-powered, fully automated system, ATS’ tow dolly, pull cart and channel can be configured for gate push-back only or for the entire airport. ATS plans to unveil the prototype by spring.

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