Kevan Goff-Parker Communications is closed

Dear friends, In late November 2022, I accepted a job as the new Communications Director for Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity. I want to thank all my clients and supporters throughout the years! My passion for helping people in the greater OKC area with limited incomes who want a safe, secure home they can be…

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Past Lives of the Paragraph

* A fun piece by Richard Gibson on the paragraph. Richard Hughes Gibson is an associate professor of English at Wheaton College and the author of three books, including Paper Electronic Literature: An Archeology of Born-Digital Materials. The backstory on why it is so hard to say what exactly defines and governs this curious convention. It…

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Kevan Goff-Parker Communications
My job as the owner of KGP Communications is to help you get the good word out about your business or event. As an award-winning freelance journalist, editor and public relations pro, I understand what’s newsworthy and compelling. I create content in all formats for print, broadcast and online. Passions include friends and family, fine dining and fishing.
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