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Can paranoia or delusion arise with a minimally justifiable basis, or must it always be unfounded? And if not, what would this first case be called?

Delusions and paranoia can manifest with anyone and at any time with both a minimally justifiable basis and/or be unfounded and/or unknowable how it/they developed.

If there is a minimally justified basis that the developing paranoia can be traced to, then it is much easier for others to at least trace the unusual behavior to some type of source. Medication and therapy can help.

Delusions can be much more dangerous, especially something called a “fixed” delusion. These are rare conditions where the delusion comes on suddenly. This happened to someone close to me. He was a beautiful, creative and intelligent man, but after suffering a temporary spinal cord injury, he developed a fixed delusion about a week later, leaving him believing that he’d been attacked and poisoned.

His mind told him the attackers said he’d die a slow and painful death as a vegetable. He also had terrible pain. After numerous tests, useless doctors’ and hospital visits and reports to authorities about his attack (he so believed it, he went to the police, etc.), he seemed to be getting better after a hospitalization where he was diagnosed with the fixed delusion and on medication.

But this was during the height of the first Covid-19 Pandemic and few doctors or their staff were at 100 percent. The psychiatrist and staff failed this young man on his medications and care. This wonderful man took his life just four months after his symptoms appeared because he didn’t want to burden his family with is end-of-life care and wanted to die (in his mind) with dignity.

This incredible man died for nothing. His mind betrayed him. I am forever heart-broken by his loss.

I hope more people will learn about fixed delusions and how extremely dangerous they are. More physicians need to learn about the condition and more resources need to be spent educating the public.

I know this went beyond your question, but the mysteries of the human mind need further exploration. Thanks for giving me a chance to share this story.

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What does it mean when a youth thinks he or she must have been adopted?

Sometimes, you are right. I recently discovered that my beloved Dad (who passed in 2019) adopted me and my twin sister after we were born — my mother and adopted Dad were separated when we were conceived. He never let on that he wasn’t our father and I love and am grateful to him to this day.

Still, a lot of things were off. No one ever talked about our mother after she died several years later and there were other clues.

If you are really bothered by it, do a 23&Me test. It took over a year after my adopted father passed to get a positive hit, but I’m friends today with my birth father and new relatives.

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How can I heal from my childhood trauma?

First, none of what happened to you is your fault.

No matter what shame or anger you must feel, please understand, there are a lot of mentally ill people out there who shouldn’t be allowed near children.

Loss, illness and abuse happen to good people sometimes, and all people will suffer at times in their lives.

Making the decision that an unexamined life isn’t worth living is a good first step toward healing.

Finding a good counselor or therapist is key to helping you understand the trauma, deal with your pain and anger, and move forward in a positive manner. Medication can also help.

You are worth every investment you put toward helping yourself!

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Are country singers kinder and more easy-going than vocalists in other music genres?

That is a weighed assumption that country music performers are somehow different than other types of vocalists and/or musicians. People are their behavior and just like with any other profession, there are folks who act nice and others who don’t.

Most country music stars must not only have talent, but they also know their fanbase and most work hard to keep a clean reputation. As a music writer for a major newspaper for several years, most of the country music stars I spoke with and wrote about were usually older and well-established. They were more easy-going than some of the younger hard rock, rap or other musicians and singers I often interviewed. Their manners were usually better, too.

Still, there is always an exception or two. One country music star kept his fans waiting more than an hour before performing, which was incredibly rude. He thought he was hot stuff because he was a handsome young country music star bad boy at the time. Today, he’s not young or that hot. It is amazing the arrogance of youth at times …

I also interviewed some incredibly intelligent, charming and funny artists from a lot of different musical backgrounds and all walks of life. Wonderful opportunity!

Heather Marie Goff

What’s it like having an identical twin? Do twins get along?

I was blessed to be a mirror twin with my sister, Heather, who sadly was killed after being hit by a drunk driver right before our 18th birthday. Asking if twins get along seems like it would have a simple answer, but the truth is that twins, just like any siblings, grow up a combination of nature (genes) and nurture (environment).

We got along great as children. Sure, we fought at times, but we deeply loved each other. It was wonderful to have a playmate every day and we had vivid imaginations.

I later became a writer and storyteller, probably because we made up stories and acted them out when we played, whether it was with dolls or putting on little skits for our grandmother.

I could look across a room and know what Heather was thinking because we were so close. It wasn’t ESP, it was a special type of intimacy that twins often share.

Our lives were complicated by the loss of our mother early, but we both took turns raising each other. It is because of my twin sister’s love and our bond that I knew there was goodness in the world. I knew I wasn’t alone, and I believed we could survive anything together.

Puberty can be an extremely tough time for some twins, and it was especially tough because my sister then started pulling away. We both started making our own friends, pursuing our own interests and all the things that go with being teenagers.

The summer before she passed away, we were high school graduates and about to go to college. We spent time together. I cherish those memories. She had blossomed into her own young woman and was exited to go to college.

Although I’m sure college would have been a challenge for Heather with both of us both on the same campus, but I’d already been to college early, and so I had no doubt we would have just grown closer through the years.

Sadly, I had to learn how to walk upon the earth without her. No other relationship has been close to the special bond we shared. We were so very blessed to have each other.

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Daisy Mae Parker with Baby Boomer Parker.


How can I make my cat more beautiful?

You’ve written an answer. You can edit or delete it at any time. 1 Answer Kevan Goff-Parker, Kevan Goff-Parker Communications Owner at Kevan Goff-Parker Communications (2009-present) Answered Wed

Spend special attention creating rituals with your kitty after it is weaned, plus consider adopting a sibling or two for your kitties

I suggest rescue cats of all ages. Provide regular cuddle time. Cats only vocalize with humans, so they are trying to communicate with you. Learn their body language, from slow eye blinks for “I love you” to twitchy tails.

Establish time for daily play to be rewarded by treats for good behavior and just for fun. I suggest supervised walks with your kitty on a harness or allow supervised time in a well-protected outside area where they cannot escape.

Of course, occasional baths help with daily brushing, plus regular vet visits, teeth cleaning and shots, but get your pet fixed as per suggestion of your vet.

Make sure you feed your cats a high quality wet or dry food. We use both. Never give your cats salted food and be aware that some human foods or plants are poisonous to kitties.

Cats will get sick and can have kidney and bladder challenges. Be sure to monitor how much each one eats and drinks. Make sure that the cats get along and don’t have hurtful fights. Kitty nip also can relax your little buddies.

I’m sure there are a zillion more tips, but do read as much as you can, ask questions and enjoy your faithful feline friends! We adore our three!

Woody Guthrie gives Baby Boomer a bath.

Do cats get emotionally attached to their owners like dogs?

Kevan Goff-Parker, Kevan Goff-Parker Communications Owner at Kevan Goff-Parker Communications (2009-present) Answered Aug 14

Absolutely! My husband and I have raised numerous kittens from various ages into senior citizens, and we can assure you that all cats are unique and have as many different personalities as people do.

Cats have been known to stay in areas where their owners last stayed for years in hopes they’ll return. Some have travelled hundreds to thousands of miles to return to their owners’ homes, just to be with those they love.

We actually have a very loving 15-year-old male tuxedo cat named Pilgrim, since we adopted him from a shelter around Thanksgiving in 2005.

When we moved to the Greater Seattle area from OKC in 2006, he was fine with his older adopted kitty brother with him, but when we left the Pacific NW and moved to Texas in 2009, he became very withdrawn.

Mind you, our cats are only let out with supervision in the backyard, but Pilgrim hid, lost weight, and mourned for our former home and some of the fosters we cared and found homes for.

I took him to a local vet who examined him and said he was healthy, but depressed and suggested that some deep tissue massage would help.

Pilgrim Parker

We began immediately and his anxiety and fear seemed to be eased. Today, he’s a bit anxious if I go to another part of the house, but knows I’ll return, and he always feels better and reassured with his massages.

I recently lost my dad and Pilgrim puts his paw on my arm if I’m in tears and never leaves my side.

Pilgrim Parker

Cats see us as their big cat parents. They love us and often bring presents, their toys and such, when they want to play or express their love.

We are blessed by our three rescues’ incredible capacity to love!

Here are his adopted brothers. I feel very loved by our three little boys!

Woody Guthrie Parker

Baby Boomer

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Kevan’s mini-blog

It all started with poetry …

Many people dream of becoming a writer, but I idealized poets. My journey started out simple enough. My English teacher at Hoover Middle School, Mrs. Ash, encouraged me to write a poem that was later printed in a school anthology. I remember nervously giving a knee-knocking reading during a school assembly.

I was a somewhat shy and skinny little girl at 12 who sought solace by becoming obsessive reader. I’d stay up all night devouring books and still go to school the next day. I loved all my literary adventures, but I had another important reason to learn. I was determined to be more independent and resilient.

It was because I was emotionally separating from my identical twin sister, Heather. I didn’t want to, but because she was maturing faster than me physically, she wanted her own space, her own friends and activities. All I wanted was Heather. We’d always been so close and comforted each other throughout our childhood, so this split hurt like hell. I felt incredibly alone.

I read everything I could on Native American tribes, all the Tarzan books and survival stories. I even bought “weight-on pills” with my allowance, but to no avail. Eventually, my work paid off. Sadly, twins do sometimes fight physically. Heather was bigger and stronger and I usually got the worst of it, but I finally learned to hit her harder and end the tussle sooner.

Before high school started, I’d gained more confidence and started (Thank God!) to bloom. Another special English teacher that I adored, Kathy Osbourn, encouraged me to write poetry. She kept pushing me to write a total of seven poems.

She also kept copies of them. Unbeknownst to me, she paid my entry fee and submitted my work to the Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute, where I was one of 15 young aspiring poets accepted into the program. I was also accepted the next year and studied under some very accomplished poets.

Poetry changed the course of my life and has enriched it beyond my wildest dreams. At 15, I was idealistic enough to think I could major in Professional Writing in Journalism at O.U. Better yet, Heather and I became best friends again just prior to our 18th birthday.

What I value most there is what my mentor, Dr. Elizabeth Yamashita, taught me. I wasn’t trying very hard when writing a media release in her public relations class. I wanted to be poet and write fine literature. She took me aside and said, “Kevan, a good writer can write anything!”

Challenged, I decided she was right. On my next assignment, I covered an event at O.U. in a creative way and she loved it. She even read it to the class. That led to my working at The OU Daily newspaper and my lifelong love of exploration and telling people’s stories.

Just prior to earning my degree, I was hired by The Oklahoman as a staff writer (they even let me finish my classes, too).

Today, I’ve helped several Fortune 100 companies and others to improve their internal and external communications and marketing. I’d love to do it for you. Just give me call me at 405-514-3972.

Nearly Ready to Build Aircraft Towing Systems’ Underground Channel!

Aircraft Towing Systems World Wide LLC receives last delivery of Polish steel for future underground channel

Nearly Ready to Build Aircraft Towing Systems’ Underground Channel! — Aircraft Towing Systems World Wide LLC

‘Regents Business Partnership Excellence Award’ to honor Aircraft Towing Systems World Wide LLC Thursday

Aircraft Towing Systems World Wide LLC

Aircraft Towing Systems World Wide LLC CEO/Vice President Vince Howie stands before a Boeing 727 at Ardmore Industrial Airpark in Ardmore, Oklahoma. The plane will be used to test and demonstrate how ATS moves aircraft autonomously using a rail system located in a channel just below the surface of select portions of an airport’s taxiways and gates.

EDMOND, OK (3/10/2020) — Aircraft Towing Systems World Wide LLC (ATS) has transformed from a Polish inventor’s dream into an exciting ongoing creative venture with Oklahoma State University’s New Product Development Center (NPDC).

The OSU team’s innovative research, development and design for the revolutionary transportation system has transitioned into the construction phase of the prototype and test site. Designed to move aircraft to and from airport taxiways and gates without the use of a jet’s main engines, ATS’ R&D evolution has been led by OSU NPDC Director Robert Taylor, Ph.D.

OSU recently…

View original post 638 more words

Aircraft Towing Systems

ATS Media Hits 2019-2021

My work for Aircraft Towing Systems World Wide LLC

Press Release Online Posting Report
Press Release“Regents Business Partnership Excellence Award” to Honor Aircraft Towing Systems World Wide LLC on March 12 – March 03, 2020, 3:50 PM EST
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Oklahoma State University’s New Product Development Center’s Collaboration with Aircraft Towing Systems leads to pro-type test launch in Spring

Kevan is now managing ATS FB Page, and soon to manage Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Aircraft Towing Systems is feeling excited with Vince Howie at Ardmore Airpark.

The installation of Aircraft Towing Systems’ revolutionary prototype is well underway at the Ardmore Airpark in Ardmore, Oklahoma. Here, (L-R) ATS President Stan Malicki and Vice President/CEO Vince Howie examine the progress.

January 10 at 3:07 PM · Ardmore ·

Aircraft Towing Systems is at Ardmore Airpark.

December 22, 2019 at 8:08 AM · Ardmore · 

Aircraft Towing Systems Digs in to Install Proto-type at Ardmore Airpark

Aircraft Towing Systems World Wide LLC, kicked up some dirt with a backhoe delivered Thursday to the Ardmore Airpark.

The machine-made room for the installation of an innovative system designed to transport aircraft from the runway via the taxiway to the airport gates and back to the runway — all without using the aircraft’s main engine.

ATS is an U.S. company formed in Oklahoma in June 2016. It has both foreign and U.S. ownership. It’s leasing ramp space at the airport and will soon install a full-scale working prototype to test the research and design work performed on contract by Oklahoma State University’s New Product Development Center.

Once realized, the potential positive impact of using ATS could one day improve aviation safety, save fuel and time between takeoffs, as well as reduce harmful emissions and noise at airports worldwide.

An electric-powered, fully automated system, ATS’ tow dolly, pull cart and channel can be configured for gate push-back only or for the entire airport. ATS plans to unveil the prototype by spring.

Clemens Aviation: Aviation Week

Clemens Aviation Expanding Into Oklahoma | Aviation Week Network…

Clemens Aviation, a family-owned charter, management and sales operation outside Wichita, is expanding into the Oklahoma business jet sales market. As a subscriber to one of Aviation Week Network …

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Big hug and apology for missing messages by readers.
This is my virtual hug to everyone who has written messages to me on my website since its debut. (Actually, this is the lovely and incredible Oklahoma Congresswoman Kendra Horn who I was honored to meet a couple of months ago.)

Just a quick apology to you, kind readers, who left messages, who wanted to connect or had questions. I’d love to have your feedback again and will know now to check my spam folder often. Thank you again for your gracious comments and I hope to continue to provide content you find valuable.

-AWC Media Release-

Sherry Kast, APR, Fellow PRSA, to Speak at AWC Meeting Nov. 6th

Sherry Kast, APR, Fellow PRSA

By Kevan Goff-Parker
AWC Board Member

Sherry Kast, an Accredited Public Relations practitioner and Fellow PRSA, will share how “Landing on Your Feet: How to Succeed Amid Challenge and Change” has been essential during her nearly 30-year journey as one of Oklahoma’s top PR superstars during a meeting of the Association of Women in Communications from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Nov. 6 at Dunlap Codding, 609 W. Sheridan Ave. in Oklahoma City.

Formerly a vice president with True Sky Credit Union, Kast has navigated a constantly changing communications industry – learning invaluable insights along the way. As a female entrepreneur with Cherokee heritage, she understands the struggles faced by women and minorities trying to make a difference in today’s world. Although her journey hasn’t been without obstacles, Kast is known for her ability to land on her feet, no matter how high the hurdle.

Recognized for her collaborative leadership style and dedication to her craft, Kast has earned her more than 75 awards for her work in writing, marketing, communications and PR – making her a walking trophy case of success. She was also inducted into the PRSA College of Fellows in 2016.

Kast is also the president of Kast Publishing, LLC, which she established in September 2009. Dedicated to supporting her community and honoring her Native American heritage, the publishing company also raises money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, among other charities.

Today, Kast is the author of “A Soldier’s Silent Prayer,” the survival story of World War II Veteran Philip Coon and has published “Warrior Forgotten,” “Incredible Images,” “Hope Survives” and will release “Scenes from Cherokee Country” next month.

The event is free for AWC members and $10 for nonmembers. Sponsored by Moore Laundry, a baked potato bar will be offered along with drinks and desserts.  To register: