“If you were ever thinking about it … do it. She has the connections and knows her stuff.”Dee Morales, veteran television producer for national TV affiliates and owner of Sweet Mary Jane Beauty line

“I have known Kevan for more than 20 years in the PR industry. She is extremely capable and talented. I have watched her in several leadership positions and her positive attitude together with her skills make her a very effective leader. Kevan and I worked closely together when she was at a sister agency and collaborated often on projects and PR issues and she was always great to work with. I highly recommend Kevan work to any organization.”

Terri Angier, Chief of Media and Public Relations, ODOT
worked with Kevan at Award-winning Writer, Editor, PR, Marketing and Media and Community Relations Pro

“Kevan is an amazing woman who is very passionate about her work. I’ve known Kevan for over 20 years now and even though we lost track of each other for a while, upon my return to Oklahoma she is one of the first people I wanted to reconnect with. I highly recommend her!”

Sean Abbananto, Keynote Speaker and Mindset Coach, yourmindsetcoach.com
was with another company when working with Kevan at Award-winning Writer, Editor, PR, Marketing and Media and Community Relations Pro

“Kevan is a committed and hard-working communications professional who puts great service to her customers first. She is a good listener who can take complex messages and help craft them into easily understood communications that work!”

Bob Watt (home), Vice President Global Corporate Citizenship and State and Local Government Relations, The Boeing Company.  Managed Kevan indirectly at The Boeing Company.

“Kevan is a very energetic, intelligent and competent communications professional providing excellent support to those of us who solicit her counsel, advice and direction.”

Elizabeth “Liz” Warman, Government Relations Manager, The Boeing Company. Worked with Kevan at The Boeing Company.

“I highly endorse Kevan as a consummate professional. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kevan for many years on a variety of projects and she always brings an enthusiasm to the job that is contagious. She always exhibits the highest qualities of integrity, honesty and compassion. It’s a pleasure working with her.”

Rich White, Government Relations, The Boeing Company
Worked with Kevan at The Boeing Company.

“Kevan is a pro! She did her job very well, and always with a great attitude.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity. Mary Melon Hired Kevan as a Writer/Editor in 2005.

“Kevan was fantastic! She pulled off the most successful media campaign I’ve seen at OKDHS. I learned a great deal from her and value her expertise. She is a team player and a hard worker. Kevan would be an asset to any team.”

Casey White, Administrative Officer I, Oklahoma Department of Human Services worked directly with me at Oklahoma Department of Human Services.

“I worked with Kevan for several years. She was responsible for the group’s Corporate Communications. I was responsible for the operations side of the organization. She was a great partner. Her standout traits appeared to me to be thoroughness and creativity.” July 16, 2012

 Jeff Allen, Vice President, Oklahoma City Operations, Seagate Technology
worked with Kevan at Seagate Technology Oklahoma City Operations

“Kevan is the consummate professional and a great manager. She allows employees to be creative and grow in their positions. Teamwork is a priority for Kevan and she is always able to share her knowledge of the communications world when needed.”

Shon Bower, Senior Communications Specialist at The University of Texas School of Public Health. Worked directly for me at Seagate Technology.

“Kevan and I have worked together in numerous volunteer and leadership positions with Public Relations Society of America. I know Kevan to be a strong, passionate leader with dedication to excellence in every task she takes on. She’s one of those people with an eye to perfection who will work diligently to make sure a job is done right, whether it’s an invitation to a party or an intense feature story. She’s ethical and dedicated to the professional practice of public relations. She’s also one of the best writers I know.”

Karen Kurtz, APR, Marketing Director, OGE Energy Corp.

Freelanced for me at Seagate Technology and followed me as president of PRSA-OKC Chapter.

“Kevan is a star performer and has the ability to do and accomplish great things. She displays an inherent character trait of initiative and drive toward continual professional growth and has displayed that capacity time and time again to meet her chosen goals. She is a self-starter who knows how to get the job done both efficiently and on time. Kevan is one of the best writers I’ve ever had the privilege of working with.”

Beverly Hardeman, retired Marketing Communications Specialist, OGE Energy Corp. Worked directly with Kevan at OGE Energy Corp. and OKCPS.

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