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Do you bury your dead animals on your property?

Kevan Goff-Parker, Kevan Goff-Parker Communications Owner at Kevan Goff-Parker Communications (2009-present) Answered just now

Yes. We love our rescue kitties so much, that we want them to near to us and their younger rescue “brothers,” although they’re not really related. They’re about 5–6 years apart. This was a tradition when I was growing up in Oklahoma and I guess we’ve kept the tradition for most of our lives.

Losing a beloved pet is one of the toughest losses to recover from, although, of course, losing a loved one you are close is often is much more devastating. I depends on the depth of that love and relationship. I have cats I love much more than some of my less worthy supposed family members.

I guess it all depends on the way you want to honor your animals and if you still want a part of them physically near to you. It would probably make more sense to have their ashes spread in the future because our backyard is small and we already have three kitties buried there.

Right now we have our beloved Jr. in the backyard and two other family members’ kitties. We do have an angel statue and a beautiful fairy above their graves. I always think of how much joy they brought our family and how grateful I am for their sharing their lives with us.

I hope to dance in Heaven with all my dear departed friends and family, as well as reunite with our beloved pets! The Pope said pets will be in Heaven and I’m counting on it!

Woody Guthrie Parker

What’s the worst thing your cat can be allergic to?

What is the worst case of a pet allergy you’ve seen?

Kevan Goff-Parker, Kevan Goff-Parker Communications Owner at Kevan Goff-Parker Communications (2009-present)Answered ThuOriginally Answered: What is the worst thing your pet can be allergic to? · Remove Banner

I have a kitty named Woody Guthrie with very sensitive skin, especially at the base of his back before his tail. He’s allergic to flea bites. So we work hard to make sure he and the other rescues have their flea treatments. It is miserable when he gets bit. I am constantly cleaning his back and treating him with anti-itch medication. It may not be the worst thing to be allergic to, but it makes him miserable … poor baby!

Have you ever had an animal who was your soulmate?

Kevan Goff-Parker

, Kevan Goff-Parker Communications Owner at Kevan Goff-Parker Communications (2009-present)

Pilgrim Parker

Answered 19h ago

What a great question, Maxine, thanks for asking!

I’m in my mid-50s and my husband and I have been cat owners most of our adult lives (rescue kitties only). We also had pet cats as children.

About 20 years ago, after our son became an adult, that we started our true journey on caring for three generations of rescue kitties — each ages 5 to 6 years apart.

This is mainly because we love our cats so very much, we cannot bare to lose one of them, plus we truly know there are so many homeless cats that need good homes, we believe each rescue deserves a great life!

We’ve also tried to help cats that need a better life than constantly having litters of kittens.

Although we already had two dearly loved rescue cats living with us, about 10 years-ago in Renton, WA, we trapped “Momma Kitty” — a feral that wasn’t fixed. She had already given birth to a litter before and lived part-time on our back porch.

When she had another litter of five, we took action and trapped her and the kittens. We had Momma Kitty fixed and re-released in our neighborhood.

Thankfully, we found homes for three of the kittens, but although we tried hard to tame two cute orange kitties, they remained pretty feral. Nevertheless, Butters and Leo left together to become barn cats.

Back to my soulmate kitty … as for our own boys, we call them all brothers because each generation loves and cares for the younger kitties, cleaning and playing with them. All three are fixed males.

Each of our adopted kittens gets the same treatment from at least one or both older brothers.

This started this with “Jr.,” who we adopted while living in the West Indies in St. Kitts-Nevis, where we lived for a year running a newspaper.

Jr. was an anomaly. The Island vet students who dropped him off delivered a terrified native older kitten who basically hid for two weeks under our sofa.

I cried so much hoping Jr. would accept some of the toys, love and treats we gave him.

I had asked the vet students to come back and pick him back up, but then I took a ball and bounced It up the stairs, and as it bounded down, suddenly that cute little kitty’s hunting instincts took over and he was fascinated!

We played ball for at least an hour. And, from that moment on, we were soulmates!

Jr. slept with us every night, we played like crazy and he was so clever and funny that he always had us laughing.

We say he was coconut white, cannonball black with yellow-devil eyes (only with mischief and humor, of course)!

Jr. just loved being the center of attention and showed his appreciation by being probably the most devoted hunter ever, delivering gifts like tree lizards (little ones), catching bugs and centipedes (which are no joke there), such nasty stings! Nearly all types of things that Jr. believed his inept parent cats should know how to catch …

My husband, John, also took to him immediately, and they were the best-bonded male pals ever!

John would smoke cigars while Jr. and he looked at the ocean, watching the wave crashing on the shores, from the small balcony of our little villa at Horizon Bay, outside of the main city of Basseterre, St. Kitts.

Jr. came back with us to the USA, and was a great travel companion. Fearless. About five years later, he mentored a kitten named Pilgrim Parker that we adopted. He is a soft, silky gray and white tuxedo cat with the sweetest personality ever.

Pilgrim, from day one has always been the grown-up in the room, plus impeccably dressed as a tuxedo cat with white gloves, a white chest, plus so kind to his brothers that none deserve his Immense patience and kindness.

Jr. was, of course, our soulmate kitty until he passed away, sadly, of a heart attack about four years ago at 15.

We were devastated, so was Pilgrim. Yet, we had already adopted our third kitty, Woody “Bear” Guthrie Parker.

Pilgrim Parker, age 15.

Woody was an abandoned kitten found alone in a warehouse. He’s now about 8. We bottle-fed Woody, who was tiny, yet fierce. He slept on my chest as a kitten, eats fresh meat each meal and is more human and spoiled than any cat deserves to be.

Today, Pilgrim and Woody sleep with us in the morning and want to hang with Mom all day long.

A year after Jr. passed, we got a stunningly gorgeous buff kitten from the Oklahoma Humane Society that we named Baby Boomer. He’s very independent, but also loves to play, hunt and is completely irresistible.

For this past year, my soulmate now has been Pilgrim. He’s getting old and snuggles me behind from his bed on top of my Lazy-boy.

When my beloved Dad died in June, I cried for months. Pilgrim would come up to me and put his paw on my hand or on my arm, look me in the eyes with his own, filled with love, comfort and compassion.

Pilgrim is the smartest of all the cats we’ve ever owned, plus so intuitive and sensitive.

I know in my life, despite all the wonderful cats we’ve raised and cared for, Pilgrim will be the love of my life as far as our cats.

He’s gentle, thoughtful and so loving. He’s also very funny, pretends to try to bite my nose and cares so well for his brothers.

Although I know Pilgrim has, hopefully, a few years left, we want nothing more than to be together. I feel so grateful for this darling boy, for all he’s done to care care for his older and younger brothers, I just pray we have more time together. A gift from God, truly!

So, my answer is this, as we and our pets age, our soulmates can change as we all age. I’m positive Woody Bear will be my next soulmate when the time comes, then Boomer … for we are rich in love and wonderful rescue cats. I’m sure God wouldn’t have it any other way …


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