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Can paranoia or delusion arise with a minimally justifiable basis, or must it always be unfounded? And if not, what would this first case be called?

Delusions and paranoia can manifest with anyone and at any time with both a minimally justifiable basis and/or be unfounded and/or unknowable how it/they developed.

If there is a minimally justified basis that the developing paranoia can be traced to, then it is much easier for others to at least trace the unusual behavior to some type of source. Medication and therapy can help.

Delusions can be much more dangerous, especially something called a “fixed” delusion. These are rare conditions where the delusion comes on suddenly. This happened to someone close to me. He was a beautiful, creative and intelligent man, but after suffering a temporary spinal cord injury, he developed a fixed delusion about a week later, leaving him believing that he’d been attacked and poisoned.

His mind told him the attackers said he’d die a slow and painful death as a vegetable. He also had terrible pain. After numerous tests, useless doctors’ and hospital visits and reports to authorities about his attack (he so believed it, he went to the police, etc.), he seemed to be getting better after a hospitalization where he was diagnosed with the fixed delusion and on medication.

But this was during the height of the first Covid-19 Pandemic and few doctors or their staff were at 100 percent. The psychiatrist and staff failed this young man on his medications and care. This wonderful man took his life just four months after his symptoms appeared because he didn’t want to burden his family with is end-of-life care and wanted to die (in his mind) with dignity.

This incredible man died for nothing. His mind betrayed him. I am forever heart-broken by his loss.

I hope more people will learn about fixed delusions and how extremely dangerous they are. More physicians need to learn about the condition and more resources need to be spent educating the public.

I know this went beyond your question, but the mysteries of the human mind need further exploration. Thanks for giving me a chance to share this story.

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What does it mean when a youth thinks he or she must have been adopted?

Sometimes, you are right. I recently discovered that my beloved Dad (who passed in 2019) adopted me and my twin sister after we were born — my mother and adopted Dad were separated when we were conceived. He never let on that he wasn’t our father and I love and am grateful to him to this day.

Still, a lot of things were off. No one ever talked about our mother after she died several years later and there were other clues.

If you are really bothered by it, do a 23&Me test. It took over a year after my adopted father passed to get a positive hit, but I’m friends today with my birth father and new relatives.

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How can I heal from my childhood trauma?

First, none of what happened to you is your fault.

No matter what shame or anger you must feel, please understand, there are a lot of mentally ill people out there who shouldn’t be allowed near children.

Loss, illness and abuse happen to good people sometimes, and all people will suffer at times in their lives.

Making the decision that an unexamined life isn’t worth living is a good first step toward healing.

Finding a good counselor or therapist is key to helping you understand the trauma, deal with your pain and anger, and move forward in a positive manner. Medication can also help.

You are worth every investment you put toward helping yourself!

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Are country singers kinder and more easy-going than vocalists in other music genres?

That is a weighed assumption that country music performers are somehow different than other types of vocalists and/or musicians. People are their behavior and just like with any other profession, there are folks who act nice and others who don’t.

Most country music stars must not only have talent, but they also know their fanbase and most work hard to keep a clean reputation. As a music writer for a major newspaper for several years, most of the country music stars I spoke with and wrote about were usually older and well-established. They were more easy-going than some of the younger hard rock, rap or other musicians and singers I often interviewed. Their manners were usually better, too.

Still, there is always an exception or two. One country music star kept his fans waiting more than an hour before performing, which was incredibly rude. He thought he was hot stuff because he was a handsome young country music star bad boy at the time. Today, he’s not young or that hot. It is amazing the arrogance of youth at times …

I also interviewed some incredibly intelligent, charming and funny artists from a lot of different musical backgrounds and all walks of life. Wonderful opportunity!

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What’s it like having an identical twin? Do twins get along?

I was blessed to be a mirror twin with my sister, Heather, who sadly was killed after being hit by a drunk driver right before our 18th birthday. Asking if twins get along seems like it would have a simple answer, but the truth is that twins, just like any siblings, grow up a combination of nature (genes) and nurture (environment).

We got along great as children. Sure, we fought at times, but we deeply loved each other. It was wonderful to have a playmate every day and we had vivid imaginations.

I later became a writer and storyteller, probably because we made up stories and acted them out when we played, whether it was with dolls or putting on little skits for our grandmother.

I could look across a room and know what Heather was thinking because we were so close. It wasn’t ESP, it was a special type of intimacy that twins often share.

Our lives were complicated by the loss of our mother early, but we both took turns raising each other. It is because of my twin sister’s love and our bond that I knew there was goodness in the world. I knew I wasn’t alone, and I believed we could survive anything together.

Puberty can be an extremely tough time for some twins, and it was especially tough because my sister then started pulling away. We both started making our own friends, pursuing our own interests and all the things that go with being teenagers.

The summer before she passed away, we were high school graduates and about to go to college. We spent time together. I cherish those memories. She had blossomed into her own young woman and was exited to go to college.

Although I’m sure college would have been a challenge for Heather with both of us both on the same campus, but I’d already been to college early, and so I had no doubt we would have just grown closer through the years.

Sadly, I had to learn how to walk upon the earth without her. No other relationship has been close to the special bond we shared. We were so very blessed to have each other.