Before Blogging, Think SEO

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Before writing a blog, remember your search engine algorithms rules:

  • Write not only to inform, but to make people feel.
  • Use keywords in headlines and subheads.
  • Write short and sweet sentences.
  • Write so that your content can be included in snippets.
  • Know your audience and consider writing for conversational search queries.
  • Don’t forget meta descriptions with key words.
  • Only use reputable sources when using links.
  • If possible, use powerful visuals (photos/art) in your blogs.
  • Alt text is needed to identify blog images.
  • If possible, provide further information if you want your readers to take action.
  • Remember, light, tight and bright writing.

One response to “Before Blogging, Think SEO”

  1. That is just the sense behind blogging.Without a proper understanding of SEO, your content may not see the light of the day. Writing for SEO is very key in blogging because that is the only way people can find and read you content

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