Quora Question: Do Twins Forget Which Twin They Are?

Photo by Ben Goff (1963).
Featuring Kevan Maureen and Heather Marie Goff, identical (mirror) twins.


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Bachelor’s degree Journalism & Professional Writing & Communications, The University of Oklahoma (1988)

Answer: Since twins are each individuals, it would be extremely strange for a twin to forget who they are.

Each identical twin has been created by one human egg that has been split in two, creating separate individuals with their own minds and identities.

My own identical mirror twin sister, Heather, was very different from me in many ways.

Yes, we looked very much the same, but each twin has a unique personality. Each has their own likes and dislikes, friends, loves and companions.

Just like you are a unique individual, so are twins.

In fact, my twin sister and I liked different things and pursued our own interests, boyfriends and career paths.

Her passion was theater. Mine is writing. My IQ assessment was 20 points higher as a teen, but she was just as smart in different areas and she actually matured as a young woman much faster than me. She weighed a little more and I was a little taller.

Heather was more certainly more conservative than me and preferred a different type of guy to date. I was more liberal-minded and valued diversity and different strengths in people. Yes, we argued sometimes, but the love and devotion to one another was always there.

Yes, some twins decide to stay together in their careers and lives, but more often, they separate as they reach maturity.

Twins often remain close because they usually truly love each other deeply, but sometimes their personalities can clash and many don’t like competing for attention.

Like most people, each twin wants to be recognized as an individual and strives to be unique in other ways than just looks.

There’s a lot of pressure when twins are compared to one another because we are simply different people.

Sadly, I lost my twin sister at nearly 18 after her car was hit by a drunk driver. I deeply miss Heather. She was a spectacular young woman full of promise, hopes and dreams.

I so wish we’d gotten to share our lives together for the past 40 years. Losing her shattered my heart, but having known that pure love than twins often share, it gave me strength to live for both of us.


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