PDR Testing and Certification to Work with High-Tech Mitchell International in Quest to Make U.S. Paintless-Dent Repair Safer

Designation makes Mitchell the exclusive supplier of diagnostic and calibration tools for Vale Certified PDR Technicians

Anita Dill, President of PDR Testing and Certification (PDR TESTING) of Oklahoma, said she welcomes Mitchell International, Inc. as the exclusive provider of vehicle diagnostic and calibration technologies for the Vale PDR Technician Certification Program.

OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma, Dec. 14, 2021 – PDR Testing and Certification (PDR TESTING) of Oklahoma is excited to announce it has selected Mitchell International, Inc. as the exclusive provider of vehicle diagnostic and calibration technologies for the Vale PDR Technician Certification Program.

PDR Testing recognizes that its Certified PDR Technicians need the advantages that come with rapid access to the industry’s finest tools to accurately assess damage, complete appraisals, and perform the highest standard of repair work.

In identifying a technology provider that can best deliver this access for their Certified PDR Technicians, Anita Dill, PDR Testing and Certification President, evaluated multiple criteria. They included: safety for the consumer, scanning speed, vehicle coverage, initial purchase price for the technician, monthly service fees and the type of equipment used.

After extensive research and testing of a number of manufacturers, Dill concluded that Mitchell — an Enlyte company and leading technology and information provider for the Property & Casualty (P&C) claims and Collision Repair industries — was the best choice for Certified PDR technicians.

She said one major benefit of the collaboration is that Certified PDR Technicians will now be able to fully use Mitchell’s MD-500 all-in-one system for vehicle pre- and post-diagnostic scanning, static and dynamic calibrating and estimating.

“Mitchell’s collision repair expertise and industry-leading technology solutions will support our technicians in the delivery of safe and professional PDR services for consumers,” Dill said.

She said PDR Testing also endorsed two other Mitchell solutions for use by Certified PDR Technicians: Mitchell Cloud Estimating with Integrated Repair Procedures, and Mitchell TechAdvisor, featuring OEM repair and reference information spanning nearly 30 years.

“As vehicle complexity increases, with many vehicles now having hundreds of ADAS sensors, pre- and post-diagnostics has become critical to proper, safe auto repair,” Dill said.

She said recognizing its importance, and with nearly 30,000 PDR technicians nationwide, PDR Testing recently made ADAS pre- and post-diagnostics and calibration core additions to its PDR Technician Certification Program. Mitchell’s MD-500, which leverages Bosch’s best-in-class vehicle coverage and hardware, becomes key to the future of every Professional PDR Technician Certification.

Jack Rozint, senior vice president of repair sales at Mitchell, said his company looks forward to supporting PDR Testing and Certification and the next-generation of Certified PDR Technicians.

“Our solutions are already helping collision repairers and glass installers safely and efficiently return vehicles to the road,” he said. “Through our collaboration with PDR Testing and Certification, we can extend our reach and support for proper and safe PDR repairs.”

Dill said her company also looks forward to improving the rigors of its program and the certification of tomorrow’s technicians.

“We also want to provide the public with safe PDR repairs and with Mitchell’s MD-500, we are confident that our Certified PDR Technicians will continue to provide the national standard for the PDR industry,” she said.

In support of the PDR certification program, Mitchell will join PDR Testing as well as Vale Training at the upcoming Mobile Tech Expo in Orlando, Florida on Jan. 27-29, 2022.

PDR technicians interested in purchasing the MD-500, Mitchell Cloud Estimating or Mitchell TechAdvisor can contact Mitchell by clicking here or PDR Testing for special pricing.  

For more information about Mitchell International, please visit www.mitchell.com.

For more information about PDR Testing & Certification, please visit https://www.pdrtesting.com/

Media Relations Contact: Kevan Goff-Parker
Kevan Goff-Parker Communications
Phone Number: (405) 514-3972
Email: kevangoff@gmail.com

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